This Is How Often You Should Bathe Your Pooch


5How Often Do Pet Parents Need To Bathe Their Pooch

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Veterinarians and pet behaviorists believe that your pooch only needs to be bathed every two weeks. Dr. Mark D. Freeman, a member of the VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine, states that if you and your pooch live in a clean and sanitary environment, then you probably don’t need to wash them every two weeks. In fact, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals agrees with Dr. Freeman, stating that dogs who live in a clean environment can go up to three months without needing to take a bath. But if your dog enjoys playing outside and gets dirty often, it is best that you bathe them every two weeks or so.




  1. I wash my dogs, Honey and Charlie about once every 3 months, depending on the weather. Here in Merced, it can be very hot in the summer. In hot weather I bathe them a bit more often because being wet helps them stay cool. I use a shamwow to remove most of the water and let them run around wet. They both seem to enjoy being cool and wet, but I don’t think they associate the bath with being cool. Neither really likes a bath, they both give all forms of water (except in a water dish) a wide berth, but both tolerate being bathed.

  2. I bathe and groom twice a year unless they get sick or get into something outside. One dog absolutely hates anything to do with this. The other tolerates but usually ends up enjoying the warm water on his joints (he’s 16). The only part the 16 yo hates is ear cleaning. But getting liquid in your ears is a bit annoying as I can’t stand it either!!! He’s allowed to shake as much as he wants after I’ve massaged and cleaned out the yuck.


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