Seven of Your Medications Are Safe For Your Pets as Well


8Your Medications Can Heal Your Sick Pup and Cat

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We love our pets as much as we love our children. That is why when they are sick, we try every possible thing to make them feel better. However, sometimes, when you are just too far from the emergency room, your pet decides to get sick. If this was unexpected, then chances are you don’t have your pet’s medication with you. Good news is you can use your own medication to help your little companion feel better.

Here are seven medications that are safe for your furry companion.





  1. Zertek is good, also Pepto Bismal.
    Lomatil may be safe for some breeds of dogs but not dogs carrying the MDR1 gene, they can and may have a neurological side effects even death from it. Its best not to use it in any merle gene breed of dog which are any dogs with spots on their bodies including the solid bodied dogs such as Tri’s or Bi’s in the Aussies, etc. From Chihuahuas to Great Danes.
    You may always do the MDR1 DNA test from any genetic lab to find out if your dog is at risk from this medicine or many others that affect merle gene dogs.

    • I read an article similar to this, but Prptp Bismo was removed d/t the artificial sweetener that’s used in it now!!! Which is toxic to dogs!!!!

  2. You did not include that the dose is very different for pets and people should not give what an adult would take- this should be discussed with a vet. I give Pepcid but it is a tiny amount of one tablet.

  3. My vet said I could give Zyrtec or Montelucast to my 8 pound Yorkie for allergies. He said to half the pill which is 5 mg that she ends up getting. I give her one every day. My smaller one, who is 4.5 pounds, gets a quarter of a pill (2.5 mg) and gets one dose daily.
    Children’s chewable Benadryl is another one my vet said is okay for allergies or to help calm them down when a thunderstorm is stressing them out. The full dose is 12.50; I give the bigger one half of that and a quarter of the pill to my smaller one.

  4. This article is entirely irresponsible. Unless you have veterinarian training and experience do attempt to diagnose your pet’s health problem and NEVER dose it with medication/drugs prescribed for humans. If you do so, you are putting the health (and possibly life) of your pet at risk. There are plenty of over-the-counter treatments specifically for animals to be found in pet stores and online. You can try these if the illness appears to be minor but if your pet remains unwell after a couple of days get it to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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