The Most Common Myths About Cats


6Here are Five Things Most People Mistakenly Believe About Cats

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Cats are charming and adorable creatures that entail a lot of attention and care. Yet, there are several misconceptions that most people believe about these furry babies. Let’s dig in:





  1. Differences occur in animals; the most vital and necessary animals on Earth are all wild, native species, scientifically biological diversity and bio means, life, the job-holders and work force in the economy of all life on Earth, including mankind’s very existence. Scientists state, the extinctions of biological diversity are as safe for Earth as global, thermonuclear war, and today’s extinction rate is flying off the charts: « Planet Earth is in a free-fall, and the planet’s support systems are so stretched, that we face wide spread species extinctions and mass human migration unless urgent action is taken. That is the warning hundreds of scientists are preparing to give and it’s stark. »

    When Europeans sailed their predators around the globe, Earth experienced a massive extinction spasm, and the domestic cat was the top agent of this Earth death. According to recent scientific studies, in America, every year, the domestic cat kills as many as 3.7 billion birds and as many as 20.7 billion species of biological diviersity. However, we can save domestic cats and planet Earth by making all pet cats, indoors only or have the same laws we have for dogs — outside, only on a leash. Indoor cat owners maintain, their pets are friendlier and more loving, and the indoor cat lives four times as long as the cat permitted to free-roam.

    Long ago, I lost a pet cat because my neighbor killed him as he was killing birds. Indoor cats make all life on Earth safer; Earth is safer, the strands in the web of all life are safer and our cats are vastly more safe.


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