10 Super Fun Exercises Your Cat Will Absolutely Love


11Delightful Exercises You Can Try with Your Furry Buddy

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According to veterinary experts, cats need regular exercise in order to stay healthy and fit.Cats are generally active and full of energy. For this reason, cat owners have to train their pets to stay in a good shape especially as they grow old.This article revolves around 10 beneficial exercises to keep your cat healthy and active:





  1. I have a Burmese cat. She’s getting on a bit now, approx 12years old. She seems to continually be trying to get a fur ball up. She shakes her head quite violently, But never seems to get anything up. Her breath has a really strong fish smell. I’m wondering if she might have some dental problem.
    Can anyone pass on there knowledge.

  2. I have a never ending battle with ear mites in all of my cats..one gets it then all do, but it never goes away…I use the over the counter all the time and cannot afford to take them to a vet…which when I have and gotten ear meds from them are not any better??? Anyone have success with anything that can help please?

  3. Best I have never a problem whir ear mites. Best thing I have done fore years . Use mineral oil on cotton boll and clean the ears every day to the mites is gone after that every week , and then every other week. You don’t need a lot on the cotton after you got rid of them . Good luck and that is cheap. Your animals will love it. And if you have any other animal getting mites do the same.

  4. Have you tried mineral oil for the ear mites. It’s inexpensive and worked great on my kitty in the past and cleared it up for good. Good luck

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  6. Otodex is great for cooperative cats with ear mites – just make sure you have some tissue handy and massage their ear (covered with the tissue) gently as the drops go down into the ear, otherwise they’ll likely shake their head like crazy and get eardrops into their eyes, on you etc. It’s not too aggressive, but it really does the job.
    I have to get a spot-on for one of my cats, who won’t let me do this.
    Diatomaceous earth could be a good remedy as well, used carefully 🙂
    If your cat has bad breath, it could be teeth or gum problems, but also a stomach problem or even anal glands that need expressing (gross, I know! it’s not a common problem but it can be a recurring issue for some cats).

  7. We’ve used many of these play methods with our cats for all 32 years of our marriage, and support all of them. While we have a cat tree now (which our 2 felines, Esther and Itta Mama both enjoy), we did have an issue with our previous cat tree.

    We live in a 6-unit condo in a basement unit. One of our fellow condo owners does not like animals, going so far as trying to have the property owner have us get rid of of our cats (and dog), claiming that having pets was against the condo association by-laws. As it turned out, we were able to stymie her, as the by-laws allowed both dogs and cats as long as they were house pets (as opposed to being bred or otherwise being present for business or profit-making reasons.)

    Frustrated, the woman went a different route, claiming that our unit had such a foul odor that she smelled it when she used the laundry room (also on the basement level) or when she was on ground level to leave the building. She again went to the property managers. Even though they detest this woman (she complains almost non-stop, and would only stop complaining when/if the building was run in 100% lockstep with how she wanted it run), she kept whining about it to the point where the property management basically had no choice but to notify us of the complaint, to the point of being forced to give up our pets if the odor problem was fixed (something this woman almost assuredly wanted included in the complaint.

    Seeing that we lived there, it was suggested that, being there all the time, we got used to the odor and didn’t notice it. While that was possible, one day I got an idea in my head to check on the cat tree, as it was several years old. When I got close enough to sniff it from less than a foot away, the smell was hideous to the point where I almost puked. I told my wife,and we carried the cat tree outside and left it in the condo trash dumpster. After that, the pet-hater admitted to the managers and to us that the odor issue no longer existed…problem solved.

    My advice to cat owners: first, keep tabs on your cat tree periodically, so that any foul odor issues can be nipped in the bud. Second, if you’re aware of such a situation before buying, don’t move into a condo building that has a neighbor who hates animals and wants her will imposed on everyone else living there.


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