Five Healthy Ways To Spoil Your Cat


6Here is How to Spoil Your Kitty

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Owning a cat is similar to having a child. We care about their health, and happiness. We spoil them a lot and offer every possible option so that they feel comfortable and merry. However, spoiling our feline friends by showering them with treats isn’t really a good idea.

There are many healthy ways you can spoil your cat without negatively impacting their health or lifestyle.

So, if you love your kitty to the moon and back, keep reading.

Here are five ways you can spoil your cat while making her happy and healthy.





  1. Just a piece of string about 8 to 10 ft long and run around they will chase it where ever you go the faster you move the more exercise both of you get. if you want put a tiny toy at the end of the string .

  2. my cat get outside a 5 am and will back in 45 minut letter for food and will go too sleep too noon and will go out till 5 pm for food and will go outside too 9 pm and will go too sleep and when I will go too bed a 11pm she will jump on the bed for she like get peeted and she will go toohere chair after 10-15

  3. Training your cat to walk on a leash may take some time, but by the end, the reward will be the great and priceless physical and mental stimulation your cat will receive. Moreover, teaching your cat how to walk on a leach (???) isn’t the only activity that might mentally stimulate your kitty. For instance, you can teach your cat commands such as “sit”, “down”, and “wave”.

  4. For our cats safety we tried to harness walk her and she loves it. We have so much fun taking walks together. She also loves her activity center for getting her dry food. It takes a bit of learning but she is entertained, and stimulated while enjoying her dry food. She’ll also give you a paw shake and a high 5!


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