Here Are The Reasons Why Your Kitty Might Be Mad At You


8Learn Why Cats Can Feel Contempt For Their Owner

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Cats are beautiful, mysterious creatures that are often hard to get a read on. Their behavior is often shrouded in mystery, which ends up leaving their pet parents puzzled as to what they are thinking and feeling. Pet behaviorists report that most cat owners do not realize just how much information they can learn by observing their cat’s behavior.

While some things might be easy to decode, there are a lot of instances when pet parents get the wrong message. In this article, we will present you with the most common signs that your cat might be upset with you.





  1. Some of this is so true, that long stare and not eating, wish I knew how to heal this girls heart. She lost her companion of 12 yrs this July, took several weeks before she would eat, now she is feral, both girls were I removed them from the colony which I closed down, they the last 2 there. so I took away there freedom and then she lost her friend. But she is trying to get closer, she watch Maltese come to me and get petted and bump and rub heads with me, last night she went to eat while I was cleaning the litter box,. I got her a ceramic and stuffed cat, I do not know how to heal her heart, it is broken, like mine. But she is trying, which is good I need her groomed, and ears cleaned, I fear when I catch her I will have to start al over again.

  2. I’m 86 years old (Young),,,,have had cats around me since day one,,,,, Today I have 2 cats who are so good for me,,,,, I lost my (Ed) husband 2 years ago,,,,, and they are the best thing for me,,,,,I have lots of friends,,,but… having the 2 cats with me at night to feed, brush, sit on my lap etc. etc. has been soo comforting….
    One night, about a month after Ed had passed,,,,, Suki (my black & white cat) who loved to sit on Ed’s lap any time he sat in his lounge chair…..Suki was in bed with me,,,, I had a little crying spell,,, she put her head under my chin and was purring,,,,, then to my surprise as I was crying, the tears going down my face Suki’s paw comes up and she ran it down my cheek,,,, she brushed the tears away,,,,,, Can’t say how good it made me feel,,,,, it was wonderful…..Also after Ed’s funeral and all the company had left Suke took over Ed’s chair,,that was where she slept most of the time….. The other cat who was a wild cat we got to be friends with and became a wonderful pet,,,, is on my lap almost anytime I sit down….. Love them both so much……


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