Your Pet Can Make You Seriously Sick, Experts Warn!


7Here’s How Pets Can Affect Your Health

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The number of Americans who own and love their pets is huge. Often considered as loyal companions, these lovely creatures can make your life better. They are always there for you, and you feel good when you take care of them. But, if you own a pet you must be aware of some risks, as pets can spread infection and make you sick.





  1. I was bitten by a feral cat that I as trying to tame and though it is a sweet kitty and was not it’s fault
    that I was bitten. It was scared when a broom fell on the floor hard as my daughter and I were trying
    to get him into a cage for a trip to the vet for fixing. He bit down very hard on my middle finger of the
    right hand. I cleaned it, wrapped it and we decided to go for lunch and get him later on. Well I began
    to not feel very well at the restaurant and decided to get to the hospital ER. They treated me as if I had
    the plague and really got to taking care of me. Long story short I was in the Hospital for 4 days, all the
    shots for rabies, toxic shock and surgery right away to remove all the damaged skin. I was wrapped up
    for a long time until everything healed and had lots of therapy to get the use of my hand again. Today
    it is some stiff and aches at times, but there is only about 10% loss, which they said was very lucky due
    to the nature of the injury…right down to the bone and the incision was three inches on each side (2) of the middle finger. SO–be careful especially with ferals even if nice and friendly as they do carry some very
    bad bugs!!


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